Military Records

It is likely that one or more of your ancestors served in the armed forces. There are records available that go back to the Civil War, although most of the records available are from World War I.

Where can I find military records?

The National Archives:

  • Holds information such as medal rolls, records of soldiers, army lists, etc.
  • Many records from WWI were destroyed in WWII; those that weren’t destroyed are known as burnt documents.
  • The National Archive website has a number of useful guides regarding records relating to the armed forces. Visit for further details.

The Imperial War Museum::

  • The Imperial War Museum has five sites located across the UK, and has numerous military records at each site.
  • Holds records such as:
    • Rolls of Honour
    • Journals
    • Gallantry Awards and Commissions
    • Photograph
  • Visit the ‘family history’ section of the Imperial War Museum website for further details;