How to make a family tree

A family tree is a chart of information that shows the relationships of family members over time. They show family connections between individuals, consisting of the names with marital and parental connection lines.

How to make a family tree

  • Start by recording what you already know about your family members.
  • Ask your relatives about other family members, this will save time and effort searching for records.
  • For family a member who’s details cannot be found in this way, further research will need to be done. Find original records from many places around the UK; see our types of sources section for further details.
  • Make sure that all your documents are properly organised so that you can properly analyse them when creating your family tree.
  • You can create your family tree and store information manually using note books, index cards and files or by using computer software.

Download our family gene tree sheet to get started with your family tree research.

Using a PC

User computer

  • There are many different genealogy software packages available to help you create your family tree.
  • As you find out more about your family history, you will be collecting great amounts of information. Software packages can be a useful tool for organising all this information.
  • Software is also useful for viewing and printing your information in many different styles.

You might want to create a website about your family history, allowing future generations to learn about their ancestors.

If you decide to create your family tree using genealogy software, make sure you chose one that meets basic requirements.

Requirements such as ease of use, capabilities of recording the correct information and the ability to view and print your family tree in many different ways.

Genealogy Software Review is a website that gives advice and information about the top genealogy software packages available. Visit for further details.

My History has a useful Family Tree Software Comparison Table and sells software on the site alongside books and an extensive range of archival products for beginners and experienced genealogists.

Family Trees Online

There are various online family tree databases where you can search for your ancestors by entering a few simple pieces of information. allows you to search across all the major family tree sites for free with one quick search. The site also allows you to save your searches which is useful if you want to search several different ancestors and check back every so often to see if any new family trees are available.

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